Last chance - November sale

We have had many sales and special offers during the month of November, and they are now coming to an end. So take this last chance to review the items and special promotions that will all end on November 30th!

1. CHÉRIE for iPhone 7 / 7 Plus

navy 7.jpg

Created by the in-house design team at TORU, this wallet phone case fits your phone, cards and cash, while protecting the phone from drops and scratches. With attention to detail we wanted to make a case that is as beautiful and luxurious, as it is useful and safe. Available in Navy, Gray and Burgundy. 

Original price: $17.99 / $18.99 - 35% DISCOUNT
iPhone 7 -Buy it here - (Discount code:  IP7CR35W) / iPhone 7 Plus - Buy it here. - (Discount code:  I7PCR35W)


iphone 7 plus navy snap strap.jpg

If you have been keeping up with our social medias you will know that we have had all of our iPhone 7 Plus cases on sale for a few weeks. Look through our website, and take this last chance to buy a plus case for yourself or someone you know!

Original price $12.99-18.99 - 35% DISCOUNT - (Discount code:  IP7PT35N)

3. MINIMAL SERIES for iPhone 7

Leaf stripes DLM.jpg

The Dual Layer Minimal series is a collection of 6 phone cases, in different black and white prints designed by TORU's team. Three cases are polka dot pattern based, and the other three cases have other geometric prints. The double layer design protects the phone from impact, and a raised front lip protects the screen from scratches while faced down. 

Original price $14.99 - 35% DISCOUNT - Buy it here. (Discount code:  IP7DM35W)


iphone 7 dlp safari.jpg

This case series is built in the same way as Dual Layer Minimal. A double layer design, with a protective hard shell combined with a soft rubbery TPU inside that prevents the phone from being damaged if dropped. The case comes in four colorful pattern designs. 

Original price $14.99 - 35% DISCOUNT - Buy it here. (Discount code:  IP7DL35N)