About Us

Our vision is to make the best tech accessories on the market. By combining great design with the most innovative functions, we make items that fit your lifestyle and personality in a way that makes you wonder how you could ever live without them. By streamlining our online distribution we are able to generate high-quality products at affordable prices.  

A couple of years ago we had a simple idea. We wanted to make phone cases that would not only look good as a fashion accessory but also be truly protective and functional. We also wanted to make the cases affordable - without lowering the quality of our product. So, we realized that by focusing on direct sales online and working closely with our manufacturers, we would be able to cut overhead costs and our customers could be sure that the money they spend goes into the product development. 

Around these ideas, we developed our brand TORU and our collection of smartphone cases. During this first year we have been focusing on phone cases, but due to the great response from our customers, we have been encouraged to move on to a more diverse selection of accessories. With each new product, we come to a step closer to realizing our vision – to one day make the best tech accessories available on the market.  

TORU is a registered brand under iMODE Korea, Inc.